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Fans of Takin' Over the Asylum

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Fans of Takin' Over the Asylum
Takin' Over the Asylum is a sadly little-known 1994 drama by BBC Scotland centring around the lives of members of the radio station at a psychiatric hospital in Glasgow, St Jude's. There's Eddie (Ken Stott), a double-glazing salesman who dreams of being a professional DJ; Campbell (David Tennant, in one of his first major roles), a young manic depressive who shares Eddie's dream of going professional; Francine (Katy Murphy), who hides a traumatic past; Rosalie (Ruth McCabe), who has OCD for cleanliness; and Fergus (Angus Macfadyen), a schizophrenic with a penchant for escaping and a talented electrical engineer. Over the six episodes we learn more about their lives and see how the radio station brings a bit of light into the lives of the patients.

It is released on DVD in the UK on June 2nd 2008 so go and buy it - it's available at all major online retailers.

weareloonies is a community for all fans of the show - all discussion, squee, artwork, fanfic and whatever else crosses your mind to talk about is welcome!

A couple of rules:

1. Large images or very long posts must be placed under an LJ-cut - this is only polite to people who watch the community on their friends lists.
2. It's assumed that by joining this community, you have watched the series. Therefore nothing is considered a spoiler, though if you want to put anything under a cut just in case, you're welcome to.
3. Keep on-topic. Don't post interviews with or news about the actors of the show unless related to Takin' Over the Asylum
4. Any NSFW posting (ie. artwork or fanfic) must be friends-locked and under a cut.
5. Do not advertise other communities without permisson of the mod.

Your friendly mod is cazthehobbit - you can contact her on the Mod Post here (comments are screened). If you would like to affiliate your community with weareloonies, this is the place to do it.

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Takin' Over the Asylum explores a lot of different mental health problems that sadly affect so many people. You can find more information, and how to get help, on the mental health issues explored in the programme by checking out the websites below.

MIND - A mental health charity
Bipolar awareness
The BiPolar Organisation
Schizophrenia Information and Support
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Support UK
Depression Alliance