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Sep. 22nd, 2016

I twisted elfwreck's arm to nominate Takin' Over the Asylum for Yuletide this year, so maybe we'll get to see some new fic out of it. :)

Jun. 27th, 2016

Soooo um.

I made a transcript.

Took me a while. Isn't perfect. Is hopefully good enough to be going on with. I am only an (American) egg. Please don't hit or yell. *scuttles out with a Zoidberg noise*

May. 25th, 2016

(Eddie: I hope you're listening, Francine.
Campbell: I hope anybody's listening!
Eddie: Is anyone listening? Is anybody out there?)

I posted this on Tumblr yesterday as that seems to be the place there is any activity in a fandom this small these days, but what the heck.

I was playing around with my buttonmaker and I have a couple of spares now:

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of choice on images for this sort of project because there are so few out there that are both big enough to make a 2 1/4" button with (~900 px) and also composed in a way that crops well to a button template. For personal use I could possibly use fanart, of which I might have some big enough, but if I’m going to be giving them to other people I would want to get artists’ permission and this was really just making samples. (And it’s still, like, when I used to make buttons of Snape fanart to take to Harry Potter cons, I was spoiled for choice; not the case here. le sigh.) Not exactly the smoothest prints in the world because they were done on an office color laser and not a nice color inkjet. The second photo is a bit out of focus; it looks a little better in person though still not exactly, erm, slick and professional.

Aaaanyway, does anyone want one of these two extras? Free to good home.

fic rec

If any of youse loonies are still alive in here, you should check out this ficlet [personal profile] elf recently wrote for me in exchange for a charity donation: One Toke Under the Line (gen, G, 563 words).

Also on AO3, [archiveofourown.org profile] KTRose has recently been writing a series called All the Right Moves (starts out Teen, heads to Mature; ~5300 words so far and still WIP), featuring our hero's awkward adventures in dating and sex with one Rose Tyler. I'm not much for shipping Rose with All The Davids, but these stories and cute and sweet (warning, bring your toothbrush) and I think the author pretty much nails Campbell's personality.


I know this kind of "X is love" thing is soooo old meme by now (not to mention that this community is pretty dead), but I ran across a David Tennant one in someone's profile today and thought to myself, self, I says, I should make one for mah darling Campbell. So I proceeded to waste some time at work doing that. Two versions, with and without rainbow colors overlaidCollapse )

Most of the images in that are repurposings from a giant passel of icons I'm working on, starting out at something like 200 captures, though I still need to do some weeding between very similar crops to decide what I like best and also tweak color/sharpness/all that sort of fun stuff. No guarantees on when that might arrive, though.
I don't know wether this community is still running buti pray to god it is because I love Takin' Over The Asylum so much!!! Is there any fanfiction on here? Can you write on here? I'd love it if you could. If anyone's out there, please reply!!

It's me again, hello!

I just wanna raise a little discussion about Campbell here here :) Because there's something I don't quite understand.

Okay, he's quite emotional, over-ambitious, sometimes a little crazy - but I wouldn't really describe him as mentally ill. I mean, looking at the other patients - Fergus'es everyday escapes, Rosalie's obsession with cleaning, Francine hurting herself and often being hysterical; I couldn't quite notice anything like that in Campbell. He did appear to have a major insanity attack in Ep.2, I think, but he later said it was all set up to keep him in the asylum for longer. So what exactly makes him a loony?

I must mention that I don't know a damn thing about psychiatry, which is why I was wondering.

Newbie says hi :)

*Jumping with joy* oh my god you can't imagine how happy I am to have found this community! Cuz I've recently watched "Asylum" and I'm totally in love with Campbell and Fergus ^_^  this is one of my favest series from now on. Too bad it's so short. They shoot dozens of seasons of various boring crap and here, what could become a long and interesting series, it's just 6 episodes :( this makes me a saaaaaaad loonie :(

TotA Icons

Yey! There's actually a community for this!

Here's my contribution in the form of icons!

We are loonies and we are proud!Collapse )

Hope you like!